Mystery Story is a French reality demonstrate facilitated by Benjamin Castaldi (season 1 to 8) and Christophe Beaugrand (season 9). It has been communicated on the channel TF1 since 23 June 2007.

Mystery Story takes pretty much the fundamental standards of Big Brother, a reality Casa dos Segredos 8 indicate made in 1997 by the Dutchman John de Mol, and along these lines, comes after the Loft Story, a prior French adjustment of Big Brother, additionally facilitated by Castaldi in 2001 and 2002 on the channel M6.

The diversion candidates are cut off from whatever is left of the world amid ten to fifteen weeks in a house called “place of insider facts”, where each room is fitted with camcorders, aside from the restroom. They need to keep a mystery while attempting to find the other competitors’ one.

Toward the start of each season, the “place of insider facts” additionally contains shrouded rooms. It contains for instance an “Assembly of realities” in the principal season available by squeezing a catch covered up in the embroidered artwork), a “Buckle of affection” in the second season (room open by an entry in the pool), or “a place of interlopers” in the third season (room available by a mystery section on the floor).

Some “Mystery rooms” are likewise set up for each season where two competitors declared as killed to alternate applicants need to remain secured up request to see every one of their comings and goings through TV screens.